Revealing what lies beyond or through the glass has been important in my work. The process of layering is something I find intriguing in art and it relates very closely to working with glass, a material which naturally lets you see through and beyond. I have been developing skills in sandblasting and engraving and acid etching. With these processes of ‘taking away’ I am able to texture the glass and create linear marks which I have been developing in my sketchbook and glass work. I can reveal layers of glass, each sheet adding to the one behind it and recreating itself. Investigating glass as a material, I have been examining ‘revealing’ as a means of creating.

In the Tao Ti Ching, Lao Zi wrote: ” Doors and windows are cut to build a room, but it is the enclosure that furnishes a shelter. As we benefit from that which exists, let us recognise the utility of that which does not.”
I have been exploring the relationship with the seen and the unseen. The material and space, and how one exists in the other as form.

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